Disaster Medicine Institute’s specialized disaster medicine training programs cover all aspects of Emergency Management, Disaster Medicine, and Emergency Planning. We have programs for all levels of trainees. Courses range 1-5 days and include:

  1. Disaster First Responder
  2. Disaster-EMT
  3. Disaster-Paramedic
  4. Pre-Deployment (designed for those preparing for overseas humanitarian or austere environment trips)
  5. Travel Medicine/Staying Healthy Abroad
  6. Emergency Management
  7. Disaster Medicine
  8. Crisis Leadership
  9. EMS Disaster Operations

10. Command and Control
11. Disaster Triage
12. Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
14. Conducting Tabletop Drills
15. Healthcare Facility Based Disaster Operations
16. Organization Disaster Preparedness
17. Terrorist Events
18. Active Shooter
19. Counter-Terrorism Medicine

DMI will help you design and implement drills specific to your facility or work-place. These drills can range from All-Hazards, to specific scenarios like active shooter, earthquake, or tornado.