Srihari Cattamanchi

Faculty, Disaster Medicine Institute
Director, Humanitarian Disaster Operations, BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine

Srihari Cattamanchi, MBBS, MD, MPH is the Director of Humanitarian Disaster Operations at BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine.

Dr. Cattamanchi is an emergency physician from India. His background, both academically and professionally, focuses on Emergency Medicine, Disaster Medicine, Humanitarian Assistance, Clinical Research and Public Health.

Dr. Cattamanchi did his medical school in Nepal. Living in Nepal for six years, during the civil war, changed his life inculcating interest in emergency and trauma care, disasters, and humanitarian crisis. He did his postgraduate emergency medicine residency in India. During his third year of residency, he was appointed as a tutor in the emergency department and was also responsible for coordinating the research activities in the emergency department including his peers and juniors.

Dr. Cattamanchi moved to Boston, MA in August 2011 as a postdoctoral research fellow in disaster medicine at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. As a post-doc, most of his research work was focused on building disaster resilience in Haiti and later on disaster response and humanitarian assistance in the Philippines and currently in Nepal.

Dr. Cattamanchi started an NGO, Humanitarian Outreach Initiative (HOI) at Chennai, India in July 2013, which works toward training and developing school and college students, housewives, auto and cab drivers, police officers, and lay persons as community first responders in India.

Understanding the role of public health in post-disaster and humanitarian crisis scenario and the need to develop further his research skills, Dr. Cattamanchi did his Masters in Public Health (MPH) from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public Health, Baltimore, MD.

Currently, Dr. Cattamanchi works as a Consultant (Attending) and Adjunct Research Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai, India.