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Founded on over 50 years of experience in Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management by global leaders in the field, the Disaster Medicine Institute (DMI) is the turnkey solution to all of your emergency planning needs. Let our world-renowned experts help you or your organization prepare for the worst, with experience-based system planning and personalized education.

Along with Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management, DMI also focuses on Counter-Terrorism Medicine. “Counter-Terrorism Medicine”, is a new area of study and practice mandated by the increasingly complex and devastating terrorist attacks seen recently. This surge in asymmetric attack on our major cities and transportation hubs is a healthcare crisis, one we fear will only escalate over time. As we inadvertently present “soft” targets through our very open societies, terrorists will continue to attack us in ways designed to maximize casualties. Responders and hospitals will be targeted, as they are on the forefront of this crisis. These are just some of the difficult issues Disaster Medicine Institute will tackle, as we think outside the box.


DMI specialized training programs cover all aspects of Emergency Management, Disaster Medicine, and Emergency Planning. We have programs for all levels of trainees. Courses range 1-5 days and include:

  1. First Responder
  2. Disaster-EMT
  3. Disaster-Paramedic
  4. Pre-Deployment (designed for those preparing for overseas humanitarian or austere environment trips)
  5. Travel Medicine/Staying Healthy Abroad
  6. Emergency Management
  7. Disaster Medicine
  8. Crisis Leadership
  9. EMS Disaster Operations

10. Command and Control
11. Disaster Triage
12. Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
14. Conducting Tabletop Drills
15. Healthcare Facility Based Disaster Operations
16. Organization Disaster Preparedness
17. Terrorist Events
18. Active Shooter

DMI will help you design and implement drills specific to your facility or work-place. These drills can range from All-Hazards, to specific scenarios like active shooter, earthquake, or tornado.


DMI provides all manner of consultation for you and your organization. This service can range from specific needs identified by you, to an all-hazards preparedness evaluation of your facility resulting in a detailed report with recommendations for improvement. DMI can then assist in implementing those improvements if requested.

DMI experts are available to come to your facility and work in partnership with you to design a robust all-hazards disaster preparedness plan based on a hazard vulnerability analysis. DMI personnel will assist in your preparedness process, while at the same time educating your staff in how to conduct proper preparedness procedures. 

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